Flash CS5 on Linux! (using Wine)

I recently started moving to Linux as my main O.S., I’m using Mint 10 (Julia) and I’ve been liking it so far. Of course there are obvious difficulties when making the transition, since how to change the mouse pointer to how to install a program, but once you get familiarized with that stuff you feel like home.

As a developer I want my tools working on my new shiny Linux, there are great ActionStript code editors that work on it, Realaxy, FDT, IntelliJ and some other that are AIR based (which are free). I chose IntelliJ, and coming from FlashDevelop it’s a bit hard to make the transition, but not impossible. Ok so I got a good code editor, but one of the most important things I need to do is to export swc files from Flash (animated Movie Clips, custom buttons and stuff). As you may know, there’s no Linux support for the CS products, so you need to do some funny stuff.

“Yeah yeah, just tell me how to run Flash CS5 on Linux”.

It’s very simple proccess which is decribed here http://int3ractive.blogspot.com/2010/08/how-to-run-flash-cs5-on-ubuntu-with.html a very cool blog by @trongthanh (quality tweets!). In another post he also explains how to use Flash Builder on Ubuntu in case you are interested.


Here’s how CS5 look running on Mint, quite fine.


Yeah a glitchy thing but it's ok to meh

Yes maybe there are some tiny glitches that make your content look cropped, but it’s still intact


I tested exporting a swc from there, and then imported it into IntelliJ and worked as expected 🙂

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